Biography (EN)

Carlos Perón Cano music can really be seen as an Minimalistic european made iteration, or European Post Minimalist, as there is in it all the knowledge and history of the old content with his search of beautiul mélodies, tons and harmony, the skilled compositionnal technique and ability to really make pieces fitting perfectly each instrument, with the feeling of total liberty and discoveries that animated the 70’s New York musical world. Nicolas Horvath (international piano soloist)

Born in 1976 in Madrid (Spain). He began his music studies at the age of 10 years. Continues his studies with professors as Adriana Marchinkova, Ana Baget, Manuel Guillén and Hermes Kriales. He finished international courses with masters as Vartan Manoogian, Agustín León Ara, Ara Malikian, Lorand Fenyves, Ch. Bruggemann, Arkady Futer, Oleg Lev, Liang Chai, Volkmar Holz, Boris Kuniev and Alexander Detisov. 

In the area of composition he has participated in courses given by Mauricio Kagel and also taken part in conferences given by masters as G. Ligeti, E. Fubini, K. Penderecki, Luis de Pablo, K. Stockhausen, Klaus Huber, H.W. Henze and Claudia Colombatti.

He has been the concertmaster of the String Octet of Madrid and he has been conductor of the choirs Amadeo Vives (2001­-2002) and Federico Chueca of the township Madrid (2002­-2003). 

He has also been invited as concert­master of the String orchestra Arpista Ludovico in the 6th International Harp Contest Arpista Ludovico in San Lorenzo de El Escorial (Madrid, 2009). Moreover, he dedicates himself to the world of composition as a member of the SGAE (Sociedad General de Autores y Editores, General Association for Authors and Publishers) and he has 1.000 musical works composed.

He has premiered his workpieces with orchestras and groups as the Torino Philharmonic Orchestra (Italy), the Opera Symphony Orchestra from San Sebastián de los Reyes (Madrid), the string orchestra Jóvenes Virtuosos of the township Madrid, the orchestra of the Autonomic University from Madrid, the chamber orchestra Joaquín Turina (Madrid), the Project Guerrero, the Plural Ensemble, 2i2 Trombone quartet, Terpsicore guitar quartet and the duo Alio modo (accordion and vcello), such as with the choral of the University from Murcia (International Festival of Young Orchestras 2002) premiered and conducted, and Duo Bartok (two violins).

He has collaborated with masters as Filippo Maria Bressan, Ananda Sukarlan, Nicolas Horvath, Fabian Panisello, María Rosa Calvo­Manzano, Ángel Luis Castaño, Iagoba Fanlo, Serjoud Kradjian, Joaquín Clerch, Pavel Crisan, Breno Ambrosini, Paul Meyer, Jose Luis Temes, Ros Marbà, Odón Alonso and Ara Malikian. 

His works have been played and premiered in Mexico, France, Malaisia, Italy, Perú, England, Germany, Austria (Aspekte Festival), Ukraine and Turkey (XIX International Musikfestival of Ankara) such as in Spain (Ávila, Segovia, Sigüenza, Palencia, Sevilla, Granada, Barcelona, Murcia and in the township of Madrid ­ National Auditorium).

His works has also been recorded for the National broadcast from Spain (RNE) and for the Spanish TV (TV2). His music is published in:

In the year 2000 five of his opus have been nominated for the prices of the SGAE and he has been signalized in the competition of Young Composers of the CDMC (Centre for the distribution of contemporary music, 2004).

He has written articles, lectured at several universities and conservatories in Spain and also given an interview for the music magazine Mundo Clásico such as collaborated as music and image consultant with the company Globomedia SA, for Antena 3 (TV) and he has participated in the National Radio of Spain programme Gathering with the composers Luis de Pablo and David del Puerto. 

He has studied composition with the Madrid composer David del Puerto and also collaborated with the composer Jesús Rueda and Joan Valent. He is author of the soundtrack of the movie "Cornerstone"  and "Guest"  (spanish films).

This year 2018 Carlos Perón Cano has been awarded with the National Honorific Award "Adalid de la Música". 

He has also been a radio host in the radio programs "The Door of the Pyramid", "The Eye of Horus", "Fas Fatum" and "Unusual World" (Diamond Wave 98.3 FM in Madrid, Spain). 

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